The Invincible’s Voyager update has been released

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The Invincible has been updated to version 1.2 with the release of the Voyager update, 11 bit Studios and Starward Industries have confirmed. This new update adds new story slides, a wider field of view option, dynamic camera for the Rover, enhanced walking and sprinting speeds in some locations, and some smaller changes too. The full notes can be read below the update video.

The Invincible update 1.2 notes

  • Immerse Yourself in the Story With New Slides – The mysteries of Regis III have expanded with additional slides scattered across the planet. Discover these hidden treasures to delve deeper into the rich lore and mysteries, bringing players closer to unraveling the planet’s mind-boggling phenomena.
  • Dynamic Camera Views During Rover Ride – Experience the thrill of exploring Regis III from a new perspective. With this update, players can switch their camera from First-Person (FPP) to Third-Person (TPP) during Rover rides, offering a fresh angle on the stunning landscapes.
  • Enhanced Walk and Sprint Speed in Some Locations – Following player feedback, the speed at which Yasna traverses Regis III has been adjusted. While further enhancements are constrained by the expanded dialogue system and pacing considerations, players will notice improvements to gameplay experience as Yasna moves a bit faster in certain areas.
  • Experimental Feature: Wider FOV in Accessibility Settings – An experimental feature has been added to widen the Field of View (FOV) in Accessibility Settings, providing players with more customization options.
  • Added in-game input to directly launch comics, allowing you also to dive into your unique play story with the possibility to enlarge exact frames.
  • Changed flashbacks fade in/out color.
  • Added an option in accessibility to turn off automatic interactions.
  • Updated decal appearance to indicate the possibility to climb.
  • Bug fixes for some camera movement and slides inspect mode.
  • Minor animation and audio adjustments.
  • Performance and UI issue fixes.
  • Minor localization adjustments.

The Invincible Review

In our review for The Invincible, I wrote, “The Invincible is a novel brought to life, blending its story and stunning visuals with engaging exploration. The Invincible goes back to the roots of sci-fi, offering something both classic and new when it comes to exploring the relationship between humanity and the final frontier.”

Source: Press Release/Steam

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