Jukai Studio announces closure following Versus Evil shut down

Following on from last night’s news that indie publisher Versus Evil had closed down with immediate effect, leading to job losses for staff, additional impact is being felt elsewhere. Jukai Studios, the development studio behind Stray Souls which was published by Versus Evil, has announced that it too will be closing its doors. Jukai Studios consisted of two developers who have decided to go their separate ways. The full statement can be read below.

Jukai Studio’s statement says:

“After much contemplation and in light of today’s news that our publisher has announced closure, we have decided not to delay in informing you that we are shutting down Jukai Studio. Some of you may have noticed that our website has not been functioning for some time, and we have not been as active as before. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that we have fallen victim to cyberbullying, received a poor reception for our debut project Stray Souls, and were completely unable to sustain the company because of bad sales, leading to the decision having to be made this year.

We are aware that you had high expectations for Stray Souls, but we never informed you that only two core individuals, along with contracted personnel, were working on the game. We did everything in our power to bring the project to completion in the best possible form, but throughout the entire duration we, our publisher staff, other publisher dev teams and our close ones were constantly attacked by a cyber persecutor, and some of you, as our community, were also tormented with unwanted messages and emails. We understand that you do not wish to continue actively supporting us for the obvious reasons mentioned above. The matter is now in the hands of our lawyers, so we cannot speak about it any further, but know that we will not abandon it despite the studio’s closure.

Once again, we wanted to thank all of you who supported us and did not give up despite the adversities that befell you and us. We sincerely thank everyone for believing in us. No one from Jukai Studio has been laid off because we never functioned as a large corporation, and together we decided that each one of us will go their separate way. Jukai Studio consisted of a truly amazing and talented group of people who believed in the success of the project until the end. Despite this sad news, Stray Souls remains in your hands. In conclusion, we want to add that this year has been very difficult not only for us, and we hope that 2024 will be a year of positive changes in the world of game development, Thank you to everyone who supported us. 

There are also games that were due to be published by Versus Evil including Monolith: Requiem of the Ancients, Lil’ Guardsman, Tamarak Trail, and Broken Roads. The fate of these games is now unknown with developers having consider their futures as a result of losing their publisher.

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