Versus Evil shutdown: Drop Bear Bytes still planning to release Broken Roads

The sudden closure of Versus Evil on Friday has had an immediate impact on the industry. The first impact was the loss of jobs for many, who would not have expected this just a few days before Christmas. The next impact was the closure of Jukai Studio, developer of Stray Souls. Versus Evil had published that game earlier this year. Jukai Studio is not the only developer that is having to rethink plans, as other games were set to be published by Versus Evil.

Broken Roads is a game under development by Drop Bear Bytes, and it was expected to be published by Versus Evil. While details are yet to be confirmed, Drop Bear Bytes is continuing development and is still planning to release the game in 2024. On X/Twitter the studio said, “Very sad indeed and a huge thanks to everyone at Versus Evil who supported us and helped bring Broken Roads to where it is today. We’re still going ahead with development and planning to launch in early 2024.”

Additionally, in response to a community member’s query on whether the closure of Versus Evil would have an impact on the official Broken Roads Discord, a member of the team posted, “Yes, as they’re the publisher we’ve been working with for almost two years, so the people we were interacting with directly all lost their jobs yesterday. We’ll be figuring things out with tinyBuild after the Christmas break. Other than that we know almost nothing beyond what has been made public by them.”

tinyBuild is the parent company of Versus Evil, having acquired the publisher in 2021. At time of writing tinyBuild has not responded to a request for comment or released a statement regarding the sudden shutdown just before Christmas. Other games due to be published including Monolith: Requiem of the Ancients, Lil’ Guardsman, and Tamarak Trail. The developers of these games have not yet given updates on the future of these titles.

Source: X/Discord

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