Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to be patched to fix ‘scary facial lighting’

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been a huge success and is 2024’s highest-rated game on Metacritic at the time of writing. However, despite the praise there is one part of the game that needs a little tweak as players have noted that in Performance mode the lighting may be a little off.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Director Naoki Hamaguchi has popped over to the Philippines and given and interview in which he notes the issue. “We’ve received a lot of feedback on whether the graphics in the performance mode will be improved or not. We hear you, and we are currently working on an update patch to improve that aspect. I don’t think the release date would be far away from now,” he said. “We have heard from players that in certain situations, the facial lighting makes some character shadows look very scary. So that’s one part of the update that we are working on.”

We scored the game 9/10 in our review. “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a beautifully crafted experience that fans old and new will absolutely love.,” said Nic.”It almost goes too far in correcting the first game’s linearity with broad open areas stuffed with things to do, but there’s also key additions to the combat, and the story running through this middle chapter is masterfully retold. Really the biggest problem you’ll have once the credits roll is knowing that it will be far too many years before we can finish the trilogy.”

If you planning to get the Platinum trophy for the game then you are in for a very, very slog. Powerpyx have a trophy guide and suggest it will take between 150 and 200 hours to get the fabled trophy. You’re going to have run through the game at least twice, once on Easy of Medium and a second time on Hard, but it’s the mini games that are going to be the time sink. To gain the 7-Star Hotel trophy you must win all of the 88 Seaside Inn Treasure Trove items and you can only get them by finishing every mini game with the highest rank.



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