Frostpunk 2 July release date confirmed

Frostpunk 2 header

The Frostpunk 2 release date has been confirmed for 25th July 2024, bringing the icy chill of survival city management to the summer months. Frostpunk 2 will be coming out for PC, with no word on a console release at this point, but will be heading straight into PC Game Pass on day one.

Set thirty years on from the original game, where coal was king, Frostpunk 2 has been catapulted into the oil age. You’ll still have to deal with freezing temperatures, but the impact of oil means that you’ll have a larger population and more complex demands to deal with. As usual, it’s mankind that is our own worst enemy, even when it’s bloody freezing outside.

While Frostpunk 2 is still only coming to PC at this time, console gamers shouldn’t give up hope, as this is a similar path to the original game. Frostpunk first arrived for PC in 2018 before 11 bit studios ported the game across to PS4 and Xbox One 18 months later. Having a single platform to worry about arguably lets the team focus more on the game itself, as opposed to fretting over UI and controls at this stage, before honing the game further for a potential console release in future.

Looking back at that original PC release, Jason wrote in our Frostpunk review, “Frostpunk is a horrifyingly playable post-apocalyptic survival game that demands more out of you than most games ever could. Each decision and each sacrifice you make is hard on your city and on you. There are so many impossible choices and no win situations that the game is almost hard to play, but it’s so compelling that you will be unable to step away from it. The only real negative is the sheer overwhelming nature of the world the game is set in, and really that is more of a compliment to the designers than anything else.”

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