Granblue Fantasy: Relink update 1.1.0 now live with free new quest

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Cygames has released Granblue Fantasy: Relink update 1.1.0 across PS5, PS4 and PC, adding a brand new quest for players to enjoy, as well as some new premium emotes and microtransactions.

Version 1.1.0 adds the new Proud difficulty quest, The Final Vision, in which players will team up with Supreme Primarch Sandalphon to battle against the ultimate foe, Lucilius. Expect this to be a real test to face off against, with the quest being available from the Quest Counter once you’ve reached the new story segment in Seedhollow.

Outside of that, this Granblue Fantasy: Relink update brings some minor tweaks and bug fixes, which aren’t being detailed on Cygames’ patch notes page – Fine! Keep your secrets! – and there’s some new emotes and character upgrade microtransactions. While there is an online multiplayer side to the game, where you can team up with others to take on the big beasties in the open world, I’m sure we can all gloss over these. Still, they are:

  • Emote Expansion Set: Let’s Chat
  • Self-Improvement Pack 1
  • Weapon Uncap Items Pack 1
  • Weapon Upgrade Items Pack 1
  • Sigil Upgrade Items Pack 1

This is the first update and content drop that the game has received, with Cygames promising another update in April and then in May. These will add new playable characters – Seofon and Tweyen, and Sandalphon respectively. Other features and updates have yet to be revealed. That will almost certainly come at the Granblue Showcase: Relink Part 3, which will air at 11 AM BST on 25th April.

Looking back at our review of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Dom said, “Granblue Fantasy: Relink is a fantastic adventure, and one that will delight fans of the series with its slick action RPG combat, epic boss battles and sweeping anime drama.”

Source; Cygames

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