What We Played #650 – No Rest For The Wicked, Helldivers 2 & Stellar Blade

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The sun has got his hat on, at least in the north of England, but it’s still bloody freezing so I wouldn’t bother going outside quite yet. I’ve had a week of playing Fallout 4, and it’s very good indeed. Almost as good as the TV show that made me start playing it. Besides that, I’ve been sampling the somewhat confusing delights of Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road, and made a start with No Rest For The Wicked’s Early Access launch. It’s very good!

Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2. Obviously. He also ‘finished’ Cult of Lamb which was “good if a little easy”, and has been playing more Helldivers 2. He also tried out Immortals of Aveum from PS+, though he got very angry with the length of the cutscenes and how long a tutorial it had. I’ve edited out all the naughty words he said, but I don’t think he liked it.

Cult of the Lamb Management

Nick P played more Rise of the Ronin and that was it, so we move swiftly on to Aran, who has been playing Neon White and Retrowave. He told us, “Neon White is fantastic. The level design is smooth and the story is fun too. The gameplay is just right, offering a great challenge but nothing is impossible to complete. Retrowave is also a fun experience. The aim is to drive down a straight road as fast as possible for as long as possible without crashing into other cars. The synth wave aesthetic and soundtrack really pull it together as well. I recommend it.”

We’ve had Stellar Blade in for review, and that’s landed on Gamoc’s plate, though he can’t say more than that for the time being – tune in next week for that! He’s also played some Dead Cells and spent an unreasonable amount of time making a map for DND. Ade hasn’t played anything, but he has been on a lovely Welsh holiday saying, “I’ve been exploring some fantastic castles (Edward really got carried away with all that castle building). Now though, I’m cracking on with Tales of Kenzera ZAU for review!”

Nic B has also had a quiet week, other than playing [embargoed] at an event midweek. He is preparing for an arrival from the stork though, so he should be doing his best to enjoy the quiet weeks while they’re available!

Miguel has spent a bunch of time modding Fallout 4, and zero hours actually playing it. Maybe he will next next week. He did play some Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact, though, as well as a bit of Helldivers 2!

And rounding out the week, Tef has also played a smidgeon of Helldivers 2, and been getting a bit of intergalactic healthcare and classic RPG-ing in as well. I guess we’ll find out what those are sooner or later.

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. Elden Ring, i completed volcano manor contracts and defeated Rykard. Had a few goes at Maliketh but he is difficult. Gained access to Haligtree area so now i can fall to my death every few mins!

  2. I became aware of the game Chicken Police in the ‘leaving Plus’ list. Tried it and found it not bad at all, it’s quite a funny, film-noir style murder mystery, all with animals as characters. At first, I just wanted to have a quick look, then I played through the whole game. It may be a bit short on actual gameplay, but I found the story was implemented very well and it was really entertaining.
    Now I came back to my playthrough of Ghost of Tsushima.

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