Wayfinder becoming single player offline game with Wayfinder Echoes update

Airship Syndicate has announced that its MMO Wayfinder will become a single player, with co-op options, offline game called Wayfinder Echoes. Sales for Wayfinder were stopped in April when the game’s ownership transferred from Digital Extremes to Airship Syndicate, while those who owned the game could play as normal.

Wayfinder Echoes will be available from June 11th on Steam, and it will remove all online requirements for the game, including not needing an account and log in to play. It will also be Steam Deck verified. Any progress people have made in the original Wayfinder will not carry forward to Wayfinder Echoes due to saves not being on a server any longer. There will be no in game purchases or microtransactions either, with Wayfinder Echoes having a price of $24.99 while in early access, and this price will increase when the game leaves early access. Founders Packs will not be going back on sale either. Those who purchased Runesilver will have this converted to a new in game currency that can be used on exclusive cosmetics. The update will be soft launched on May 31st.

Wayfinder Echoes gameplay has also been tweaked and changed. Airship Syndicate have said,“We’ve touched every major system in the game, and as a result, the gameplay is not only more refined, but through our various playtests with those outside the studio, the game performs and plays better than before. Some of these changes include all weapons becoming randomized drops with various slots, armor now having stats and being collectible, thousands of cosmetics and housing items available to collect, the removal of the grind to get new characters, eased requirements for awakening characters, increased housing item limits, adding four difficulties to choose from, incorporating traditional RPG talents into your progression, and much more. This update will also launch with the latest Wayfinder: Grendel, as well as brand-new Hunts and a new Overlands zone (three times the size of our last!) that’s overflowing with content and points of interest.”

PS4 support for Wayfinder will be ending but everyone who bought a PS4 version will get a copy of the PS5 version for no cost. The PS5 version of Wayfinder will not go back on sale until later this year, along with an Xbox Series X|S version.

Source: Steam

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