Kena: Bridge of Spirits is releasing on Xbox consoles August 15

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Ember Labs is set to launch Kena: Bridge of Spirits on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with the release date slated for August 15. This  Xbox version will have exclusive pirate-themed Rot hats, a unique Kena Staff, and a special Golden Rot Skin. Fans should also be aware that a physical edition will be released specifically for the Xbox Series X|S.

Josh Grier, Chief Operating Officer at Ember Lab said, “We’re thrilled to bring the story of Kena to a new audience on Xbox platforms. As our debut game, Kena means a great deal to everyone at the studio and the team is excited to share Kena’s journey with more players  – we really hope everyone enjoys meeting Kena and her Rot friends!”

The Xbox version of Kena: Bridge of Spirits will feature all the content previously released for the PlayStation edition, including the Anniversary DLC. This DLC added Charmstones, Spirit Guide Trials, more Kena Outfits, accessibility options, and the New Game+ mode. New Game+ mode offers players the opportunity to experience the story again with more challenging encounters. The game will be available in both physical and digital formats at a price of $39.99 / €39.99 / £34.99, with the physical edition comes with the Official Digital Soundtrack and an exclusive sticker sheet for retail.

In our Kena: Bridge of Spirits review, Jim said, “Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a great palette cleanser, not just in terms of tone but the way it’s carefully designed. Well-paced and beautiful to behold with plenty to see and do, Ember Lab has well and truly captured the spirit of the 3D platformers many of us grew up adoring.”

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