Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs DLC looks amazing

Here’s how you make people pay attention in the middle of a very, very long video games show, give us something totally unexcepted.

Remedy have been on stage  at the Summer Games fest to reveal physical copies of Alan Wake 2 will be available to pre-order tomorrow, at which point we yawned. They then revealed the Night Springs DLC for Alan Wake 2 and everyone sat up as it features Jess from Control and Sean from Quantum Break! And.. someone else who is a waitress and we have no idea who she is. Sorry.

Control and Alan Wake are set in the same universe so that makes sense but Sean is a big surprise. The trailer also shows what appears to be Sean in the Remedy studios doing some green screen work and Remedy’s Sam Lake directing him. So does that make Remedy Games part of the universe they created? Who knows.

“Just as it gives equal screen time to its two protagonists, Alan Wake 2 is a fine blend of equal parts narrative and survival horror,” said Nick in our 10/10 review of Alan Wake 2. “Both aspects are brought together in brilliant fashion to create a game that is going to mess with your head, scare the hell out of you and make you grin about it as you plunge forward once more, eager to see what’s next.”

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