Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is the spirit-saving sequel we’ve been waiting for

Cozy Grove was one of the most delightful games of 2022, fusing Animal Crossing-style collecting and crafting with a poignant taste of spirituality. Now, thanks to the Day of the Devs stream, we know we’re getting an all-new sequel in the shape of Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit. We also don’t have all that long to wait, with the game releasing via Netflix games on the 25th of June, 2024.

Developer Spry Fox are the team behind this one, and just as in the original, you have to help cute and cuddly ghost bears find peace. Labelled as a life-sim, you’ll be crafting and building your way to spirituality, though you’ve got a new setup, having been stranded on an all-new mystery island following a bus crash. Once again you’re a member of the Spirit Scouts, a group of adorable do-gooders who might just gain a badge by helping some bears to the afterlife.

You can customise your campsite, and just as in Animal Crossing you’ll have to craft, decorate, and build furniture to bring life and colour to this cute island — while reuniting with your lost scout troop as you gradually repair your bus.

As a Netflix game, Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit will likely be coming to mobile intially, but it was also a big hit on other platforms – I loved it on Switch where it felt like a first-party title – so here’s hoping that it’s also going to be appearing in a variety of other places as well. If you haven’t checked out the original, it’s a natural successor to Nintendo’s own Animal Crossing, though it has its own unique and unusual vibe thanks to its spiritual underpinnings, and a very lovely art style.

Stay tuned to TheSixthAxis for more on Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, and look out for a review in the near future!

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