Hotel Galactic is a cosmic hotel management sim by Ancient Forge

Ancient Forge has unveiled its latest game, a hotel management simulator that allows players to construct and manage a hotel serving guests from across the galaxy. Hotel Galactic will encompass all aspects of hotel management, including construction, room upgrades, food cultivation, dealing with upset guests, and keeping the guests entertained.

“Hotel Galactic is a massive step forward for all of us at Ancient Forge,” said Maksymilian Strezelecki, Vice President and Technical Director. “It’s an idea that had been percolating for a couple of years in pre-production, as we took our time to make sure the design and all its constituent parts meshed well to create this beautiful, nostalgic world. The technical demands were substantial, but the end result is a dynamic, immersive experience that I’m proud to share.”

“Hotel Galactic is the project that utilizes everything we’ve learned in the last ten years or so,” said Dushan Chaciej, CEO and Creative Director at Ancient Forge. “We aimed to create a wholesome and engaging experience for players that love to watch their simulated little dudes end up in all kinds of weird situations. Personally, I can’t wait to see what the world thinks of what we’ve been working on for the past three years.” 

As the hotel proprietor, managing the entirety of Hotel Galactic single-handedly is not something you can, so assembling a team is essential. The staff will be responsible for catering to every guest’s needs and ensuring the hotel remains clean to maintain its reputation. While the staff take care of things, players will be able to explore an underground system, grow plants, and raise livestock.

Hotel Galactic has been confirmed for PC, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, and the Switch, but a release date is to be announced. Additionally, Ancient Forge will be running a Kickstarter from July 9th to July 30th, with each milestone allowing the development team to add new features. Those who back the Kickstarter will have the chance to win  to win exclusive add-ons and assets, as well as take part in an alpha play test.

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