Perfect Dark re-emerges with a fresh gameplay reveal trailer

Perfect Dark has been re-emerged with a big new gameplay trailer, after months of rumours and speculation over the game’s development at The Initiative and Crystal Dynamic.

The N64 classic is being rebooted with Joanna Dark finding herself immersed in a secretive near future war for control and new technology. It’s a series of events known as “The Cascade” which will take players to a futuristic Cairo and vision of Egypt.

Perfect Dark will be a single player game with missions to take on, but you’ll still have agency through this for how to complete those missions, and a mixture of traversal, gadgets and various weapons will aim to make for a particularly dynamic first person shooter. This mission and various clips see her hunting down Carrington and trying to stop an attack on the city.

It’s great to see a big gameplay reveal like this, especially with the swirling reporting over the game’s possibly troubled development. What did you think of this new look at the game?

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