Streets of Rogue 2 enters Steam Early Access on August 14th

Streets of Rogue 2 reveal

During the PC Games Show, tinybuild revealed that Streets of Rogue 2 will be released into Steam Early Access on August 14th. This release has been somewhat delayed, as Streets of Rogue 2 was originally aiming for a 2023 early access release. This early access release promises a lot of content, with much more to be added before Street of Rogue 2’s full release.

In the initial early access phase of Streets of Rogue 2, players will be able to play as numerous characters who all have their own skillsets, including a tech-savvy hacker, an agile ninja, and culinary chef. Whichever character you choose, there are multiple ways to approach the procedurally generated open world of Streets of Rogue 2. You can go on a huge destructive spree to topple the President and take over the nation, or help people for rewards. You can build up a criminal empire or a business empire, and use those proceeds to gain power in the world too. There will be ample exploration opportunities by land and sea, using fast cars and fast boats. When it comes to fighting, your weapons arsenal could include flamethrowers and banana peels.

There is no need to play Streets of Rogue to understand the story of Streets of Rogue 2, but the games do take place in the same universe. The game will eventually feature four player co-op both locally and online, with there being scope to potentially increase the number of online players and increase the carnage, though this is likely to happen later on in early access, if not after the full launch of Streets of Rogue 2.

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