The Crew Motorfest The Chase Squad content announced for November

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The Crew Motorfest’s second year will be kicking off with two major additions to the game. The first will be the addition of Maui island to the game, which will be 100 square kilometers, adding a whole new location for players to explore. The other addition is the premium PvE called The Chase Squad.

Ubisoft have also given some detail about The Chase Squad, saying “Maui will also be among the settings for The Chase Squad, in which players will join with an elite team of drivers who want to shake up conventional ideas about racing as they take down rival drivers. The Chase Squad will challenge players to track, outsmart, and outmaneuver racing rivals in high-speed nighttime pursuits across the islands. Season 5 will also bring more of the Made in Japan playlist, with new races, events, and locations.”

Ubisoft will be hosting a The Crew Showcase this September, where more details about Made in Japan Volume 2 and The Chase Squad will be given.

Source: Ubisoft Forward

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