Embracer closes Alone in the Dark remake developer Pieces Interactive

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Pieces Interactive, the studio behind this year’s Alone in the Dark remake, has been closed by Embracer Group.

The news comes from a statement posted to the Pieces Interactive website, saying “Thanks for playing with us” and that “Our last release was the reimagining of Alone in the Dark.”

Unfortunately for Pieces Interactive, while it had grand ambitions to emulate the Resident Evil remake revival and brought in some popular actors to lend their performance and likenesses, Alone in the Dark failed to meet expectations, both in terms of critical reception and with “softer than expected” sales after the game’s eventual March 2024 release. The studio has already been hit with layoffs a month later, but is now being completely closed by Embracer Group.

Founded in 2007, Pieces produced a number of original games, such as Puzzlegeddon, Fret Nice and Leviathan Warships, and work-for-hire games that included Magicka 2. The studio was acquired by Embracer in 2017 and initially worked on expansions for Titan Quest – Ragnarök and Atlantis – before getting the opportunity to reimagine survival horror classic Alone in the Dark.

They join the long list of studios closed by Embracer Group over the last year – 44 studios have closed including Free Radical Design, Onoma and Volition – amid layoffs that have affected over 4,500 employees. Embracer has also sold off studios and sub-groups, such as Saber Interactive and Gearbox, and announced a plan to split into three separate entities.

Source: Pieces via IGN

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