F1 Manager 24 is also coming to Nintendo Switch in July

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Frontier has announced that F1 Manager 24 will be coming to Nintendo Switch on 23rd July, day and date alongside the previously announced PlayStation, Xbox and PC versions of the game.

It will be really interesting to see how F1 Manager 24 scales back down to Nintendo Switch, though the game is already pretty adaptable. Ever since the first game in 2022, Frontier has brought the game to PS4 and Xbox One, and has rather modest PC requirements as well. Naturally a big part of the game will be spent trawling through menus and management options, with the most demanding aspect to be the real time race rendering. On other platforms this is only shown at 1x and 2x speeds before switching to a track map view, so with some sensible graphics cut backs, this should hopefully be fairly performant on the hybrid console still.

The third year of the F1 Manager series from Frontier is bringing a new Create A Team option for the Career, letting you add an eleventh team to race alongside the ten real world teams.

This will let you style the team in your image, from creating the livery to negotiating sponsorship opportunities, and all the rest of the team management gameplay, as you try to chart your course through to the front of the grid. Regardless of the team you pick or create, you’ll be the Team Principal, of course, charged with managing the team’s resources, sticking to the budget cap, hiring staff to improve your performance, managing training schedules and more, and you’ll also be investing in HQ improvements to further that. You’ll have to fight to keep your best staff around as rival teams look to poach your best and brightest.

Alongside the career is the returning Race Replay mode, which will lift the events from the real world racing calendar and ask you to try and beat a particular challenge. The highlight in F1 Manager 23 was getting Alonso a win at a wet Monaco, while from the early races in 2024, it could be taking charge of McLaren or Mercedes during last weekend’s Saudi GP, following Lance Stroll’s crash and safety car.

We went hands on with F1 Manager 24 a little while ago. Read our full preview here, but I said, “F1 Manager is steadily growing into the role of capturing all the ins and outs of the motorsports soap opera that is Formula 1. OK, it probably won’t ever capture all the drama and snippy infighting that goes on (and that’s before Netflix comes along to cook up its own narratives), but F1 Manager 24 is bringing a good set of new features, requested changes, and general improvements to the table.”

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