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Inbetweengames has announced that it has made its tech-noir tactics title All Walls Must Fall free to download on Steam and, and that this is a permanent move. It has not been made free on Switch. The game first released six years ago, placing players in a 2089 Berlin in an alternate universe where the Cold War never thawed. All Walls Must Fall has a further unique setting in that many of its procedurally generated levels are set within Berlin’s gay club scene, where the battle to avert nuclear war plays out.

The download links for All Walls Must Fall are:

In a post, Isaac, David and Rafal of Inbetweengames wrote, “That’s right – the game is now completely free for everyone! It’s been 6 years since we released All Walls Must Fall, and we’ve decided that we’d love if everyone who always wanted to play but never quite got around to buying it has the opportunity. So it’s now totally free on Steam and! We hope you enjoy playing our tech-noir tactics game that we made. We put a lot of our hearts into it, and while we’ve all moved on to other projects now, that time we made our own little indie game will always be special to us.”

All Walls Must Fall has procedurally generated levels within which players carefully lay out and execute plans, through a mix of real-time and simultaneous turn-based gameplay. Time manipulation is one of the tools available to players, allowing actions to be rewound if the outcome is not what was desired. Additionally, the game offers a New Game+ mode, facilitating continuous gear upgrades as challenges progressively intensify in a limitless fashion.

All Walls Must Fall Review 

In our All Walls Must Fall review, Steve said, “Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy my time with All Walls Must Fall. The fantastic setting, thumping soundtrack and original take on seduction mini-games are not matched by its gameplay mechanics. Everything felt too chaotic and the environments too lacking in variety to maintain my interest. There is probably a solid strategy experience to be found here, but it needs a much clearer focus. The procedurally generated levels just felt out of place to me, lacking the careful design of many other strategy titles. A tabletop version of this setting has the potential to be awesome, but in this medium, All Walls Must Fall just didn’t float my boat.”

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