Marko: Beyond Brave launches 17th September on Steam

Studio Mechka has announced that its metroidvania game inspired by 90’s cartoons and Slavic folklore, Marko: Beyond Brave, is set to launch on Steam on September 17th. There is a demo available at the moment to check Marko: Beyond Brave out, and you can see some gameplay in the trailer below.

In Marko: Beyond Brave, entropy has broken free from its prison, and threatens to consume the world. Armed with his greatsword and moustache, Marko has to confront evil forces, duel against legendary beasts, and form alliances to reestablish balance in Zagora. Marko has abilities that let him control elemental powers to aid him in his quest, where every decision has an impact on Zagora. Zagora is made up of multiple locations including forests and dilapidated castles. Enemies and bosses have been designed by drawing inspiration from Slavic folklore figures like Vila, Koz’el, Urgl, Vlashko, and the Tree of Life.

Marko: Beyond Brave has a non-linear map featuring hundreds of individual rooms, containing concealed treasures, relics, and decaying edifices that shed light on the past. There is crafting and enhancements within the game allowing players to construct the weapons and tools to help in the fight for victory.

Source: Press Release

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