PlayStation Reviews

Review: Mahjong Tales

The first of Creat Studio’s PSN Store Downloads, so how did they get on?

Review: LOTR: Conquest

Join Frodo and friends on a mission to save Middle Earth. Again.

Review: Prince of Persia

TSA reviews Prince of Persia. Or, at least our special new writer does. Enjoy.

Review: Home

A considered, intelligent look at the current state of PlayStation Home.

Review: GTi Club+

Stuck for something to buy from the Store whilst waiting for the update? Buy this.

Review: Keypad

Sony release another quality peripheral in the shape of the SixAxis keypad

Review: Resistance 2

Insomniac get us all warmed up for Killzone 2. That’s the point, right?

Review: NFS Undercover

EA’s latest Need for Speed game manages to forget one third of its name.

Review: Motorstorm 2

Have Evolution matched up to the legendary original Motorstorm?

Review: Mirror’s Edge

6 hours of story but a time trial to last you a life time. Don’t miss this.

Review: Fallout 3

Ready to get lost in a game for the rest of the year? Try this one.

Review: LittleBigPlanet

Finally, it’s here, and there’s really only one way to say this: TSA hearts LBP.

Review: Quantum Of Solace

Activision’s first Bond game, using the COD4 engine. How does it hold up?

Review: Valkyria Chronicles

TSA’s week of reviews continues with this wonderful World War II RPG.

Review: Far Cry 2

Aflame with brilliance or just another FPS? Take a look, Bru…

Review: Saints Row 2

A blatant sandbox sequel ripoff, or a great game in its own right?

Review: NovaStrike

Tiki Games’ self-funded PSN debut – will it strike a chord with gamers?

Review: Midnight Club LA

Don’t touch the whip, Homie. S’cool, dog, s’cool. Big up, bro.

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