EA Announces “The Sims 4” And Bags Multi-Year Star Wars Game Deal

If this was announced on May 4th I could have made a joke.

Castle Of Illusion Remake Teased By SEGA

There’s a mouse in the house. We think.

Disney Shuts Down LucasArts

A great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out….

Castle Of Illusion (Mega Drive Mickey Mouse Game) Rated For Consoles

It’s back – are SEGA working on a new collection?

Rumour: Good News For Vigil, Bad News For Junction Point

Darksiders team finds a new home, whilst Epic Mickey 2’s team apparently not doing too well.

Split/Second Is Modern Warfare 2 Of Racers

Big things expected from Disney Studios.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Launch Trailer

When you see this you’ll think Disney got a $4bn bargain!

Disney’s Burnout Beater?

Disney’s great looking racer is named, and receives a new longer trailer.

Even Disney Not Immune.

Job cuts hit entertainment giant, as project is cancelled. Efficiencies apparently!

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