Castle Of Illusion Remake Teased By SEGA

There's a mouse in the house. We think.

The Mega Drive/Genesis was home to a number of iconic platformers. Seemingly we’re set to return to one of those classics this year, with Sega releasing a teaser trailer which points towards one of Disney’s squeaky-voiced mascot’s finest outings – Castle Of Illusion.

The trailer features the outline of the eponymous castle, as featured on the original box art, as well as the villainous witch Mizrabel and a red apple – the game’s main collectible. The Disney copyright icon at the end is also tagged as 1990, the year of the original game’s release.

Whilst there hasn’t been any official announcement, as teaser trailers go this one seems pretty clear-cut, especially when the Brazilian ratings board has also leaked Castle Of Illusion as being rated for PS3, 360, Wii U, and Vita. It seems likely that it’ll be an HD remix similar to the recently announced Duck Tales.

So Mickey fans rejoice! Your hero returns this summer.


  1. Ooh! Still love the music in the original, it’s a brilliant (and frustrating) game.

  2. Mickey Mouses Castle of Illusion. Had this for the SNES. I’d loved it *wipes a tear*

    • Castle of Illusion was released on SNES? I didn’t know that.

      • No, it wasn’t, it was a Sega game and they didn’t deal with Nintendo back in the 16-bit days.

        Mega Drive, Game Gear and Master System with a Sega Saturn re-release years later in Japan.

        I guess Foxhound is confusing it with the Mega Drive version?

      • It must have been an… illusion! >_>

  3. Hells yeah! I’m all up for some of this!!

  4. My first ever job interview (I think… it was a while ago) was for a Saturday afternoon gig in an independent games shop. I got really nervous and confused this with Castlevania in answer to one of the interviewer’s questions about what games would be cool to recommend to parents for their younger kids. I didn’t get the job.

    Bloody stupid mouse.

  5. Awesome! Loved this little game. Infectious soundtrack, lol.

  6. I only had World of Illusion (with Mickey AND Donald!). Used to LOVE playing that with my bros.

  7. It’s no quackshot…….

  8. The original was excellent….many memories.

  9. I thought that the rumour was that they were releasing the original – Now it’s a remake? Or are there two versions likely to appear on the store?

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