Hardware sales

Sony Still Top In Japan

And the PSPgo outsold the PS2!

Land of the Rising Sony

PlayStation leads Japan’s March hardware sales.

US Sales Show 360 On Top

February’s NPDs – Wii finally beaten.

Last Month In Japan

February’s weekly hardware sales. With graphs.

PSPgo In Japan, Month Two

If only it was selling as well as the 360.

PSPgo In Japan, One Month On

Selling like hotcakes or 360s? Care to guess?

Black Friday Week Console Sales

Thanksgiving is not only about eating turkey.

Two Weeks Of Japanese Hardware Sales

How did the Japanese launch go for the ‘go?

Wii All Fall Down: PS3 Outsells Wii

For the second month in a row, the PS3 outsold the Wii in their joint home territory of Japan. What is going on? Does every Japanese household now own a Wii already?

Land Of The Rising Sales

The PlayStation brand receives some loving in the Far East.