Our Responsibilities.

We like to think that you know us well enough to ignore us when we’re wrong.

The Decline of Journalism Pt 3

This third and final part looks at reviews and scoring systems and points out that the consumer still has the power to change things.

The Decline of Journalism Pt 2

In which I take another look at the mechanisms behind our trade and possibly talk myself out of a job. Ho hum.

The Decline of Journalism Pt 1

In which I take a swipe at the quality of journalism in our industry and suggest the reasons for the decline.


In which I take a long, hard, look at ourselves and then waffle a bit.

The PS3’s Mass Appeal

Los Havros questions whether the PS3 has enough mainstream software this year.

The Stone Age Gamer

Los Havros meets a friend without a PSN account. It’s a crazy world.