The PS3’s Mass Appeal

I think that this is a highly topical area of discussion as LittleBigPlanet (Game Of The Century ™, you know it!) is due out next month with Sony saying it should be a system seller, and others reckoning that LBP could crucially expand the PS3’s appeal to the masses.  It’s so good, it even has certain people jealous.  Right, enough of the link overload!  First, I think it is time to take stock of what broad-appeal and accessible games Sony already has for the PS3.  You’ve got some great innovative PSN games such as LocoRoco Cocoreccho! (I had to look that one up), Super Rub A Dub, PixelJunk Eden, and to a lesser extent- Super Stardust HD (it’s great fun, had to mention it).

Then you’ve got a selection of Sony’s big-hitters such as SingStar and Buzz! accompanied by the Guitar Hero and Rockband franchises.  Coupled with with the release of LittleBigPlanet, Sony should be in a great position.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Continuing innovation is being made with the PlayStation Eye; whilst already having Eye of Judgement out there, it will be joined in future by EyePet where you can draw a picture of a toy and the game will create it.  You’ve also got the social giant Home, which is supposed to be launching this Autumn, in beta at least and should provide a fantastic online hub for the PlayStation community.  Why stop with games though?  Sony have just released the new PlayTV peripheral which, when plugged into your PS3 and TV arial, gives you: access to Freeview channels, the ability to record your favourite shows even whilst playing PS3 games, and a fully functional 7 day TV guide.  This is great for families who have a PS3, and works out cheaper than Sky.  You can even watch your programmes through your PSP.

Lastly, for those who want to catch up with news around the world and listen to their favourite tunes whilst helping to cure disease can do, with the release of Life With PlayStation.  I admit, I’m exhausted just listing all the things you can do with a PS3!  It truly is incredible.  In short, the PS3 has a rich, pervasive lineup that reaches out to all the demographics out there.  Sure, your hardcore gamers are covered (Resistance, Warhawk) but as the lineup above shows, there’s so much more to the PS3’s capabilities.  Whilst in my opinion the Xbox 360 has secured some of the most hardcore gamers out there, and Nintendo’s Wii is almost marketed as a cheap toy- Sony have thrown down the gauntlet.  They are confident that their box is a true entertainment system, capable of handling whatever form that entertainment may take.


So, have I got this assessment bang on the nose, or am I off by a wide margin?  Talk to me!