The Last Guy

Playback: The Last Guy

Ritchie? Fawkes? The Gorilla?

The Last Guy Gets Trophies

Update arrives today, bringing the first batch of Trophies with more to come soon.

The Last Guy!

In which Michael tells you why Nofi hates him and then realises the error of his thinking…

Review: The Last Guy

The Last Guy. Reviewed last. How very meta of you, TSA.

PSN Content: 28/08/08

The Last Guy hits European stores, but what else is there?

Play “The Last Guy” Now!

For free. On your browser. On any website you choose. How very Meta.

The Last Guy Landing Soon

Quirky zombie-em-up coming to Western territories soon, says Sony.

The Last Guy: Next Week

Everyone’s favourite zombie escape game hits Japan next Thursday.

The Last Guy Info

[Updated] Top-down 2D Retro Exit-like. Must be Japanese, then.