The Last Guy Gets Trophies

You all remember The Last Guy right? Well fear not, because now it is getting Trophies and will become all the more attractive for it. Following on from a spate of update news from the US PlayStation Blog (see Killzone 2 and Crash Commando update articles), arrives the news that a patch for The Last Guy will be released at some point today.

Originally released nearly a year ago, The Last Guy is a top-down PS Store download game where you play a hero who has to ward innocent civilians away from invading aliens across 3 different towns (San Francisco, Tokyo and Sydney, all mapped using Google Earth). The latest update will add 15 trophies across the levels.

The news follows on from the recent announcement that The Last Guy has received Trophies in Japan and will also be released over there on BluRay too. No such announcement has been made on a BluRay release in the States or the EU and it remains likely that we will only be able to purchase it from the PS Store.

More downloadable content has also been confirmed for the game, which will be released next month in the USA. The content will include 3 bonus stages and 8 more Trophies. However, it remains to be seen if this will be free or paid content and if Europe will receive the patch tomorrow too. Considering Japan and now the US have the Trophies, it is likely we will be able to start collecting soon.

This is yet another Trophy update which will surely reinvigorate sales of the title and is now part of a long line of games that have been updated in a similar way.

Don’t forget to check the TSA for any further news on the DLC and Trophy patch.