Crash Commando Patch and Demo

Crash Commando, the exclusive PSN multiplayer shooter (there’s a mouthful), has been given the patch treatment like most next-gen games. Olof Gustafsson, CEO of EPOS Game Studios, told the PS blog that they “have been listening attentively to our loyal fanbase and have been improving the game in as many areas as we can.”

The update adds several new features and fixes some bugs. Most notable is the inclusion of in-game music from your PS3’s hard-drive, which is a big improvement over the current soundtrack.

The patch also adds game launching from within Home. This is a feature that is on the rise recently for PS3 games and one that should hopefully increase the popularity of the service. Country flags have been added to online players and games, there are now online rankings for score chasers and matchmaking has been improved. There is also a raft of smaller gameplay and interface changes such as a “blip sound when in the vicinity, with the volume increasing when the player gets closer to a mine.”

Overall game enhancements:

  • Home Game Launching Support
  • BGM, custom soundtrack functionality
  • Team auto balance
  • Increased auto balancing intervals
  • Rankings
  • Added a Friends filter
  • Added Country flags
  • Matchmaking
  • Added Country flags on found games
  • Improved matchmaking game-browsing functionality
  • Match details now displayed when selecting a game, so the player knows more of a game before choosing to join

Game play & UI enhancements:

  • OSD icons are now pointing towards players carrying blocks in Espionage
  • We now show icons for players with enabled mics
  • We now display player ID labels when using the turret gun
  • We now show health icons above team members
  • Only team members with less than 100% health have the icon
  • Only visible to team members equipped with the CAB
  • We now show hostile mines
  • Red flashing light turns on when activated
  • “Blip” sound when in vicinity with volume increasing when the player gets closer to the mine
  • Includes enemy mines and mines placed by the player
  • The killed & suicide messages display icons instead of (“KILLED”,”DIED.”)
  • Players can now see which weapon or vehicle that was used
  • We now show icons for when the player is speaking
  • Ingame next to ID label
  • Lobby next to player slot
  • We now show icons for when you are taunting other players
  • Symbol above player ID label
  • Aimline/aiming improvements
  • Prevents vehicle aimline to go beyond aim limits to better illustrate where a vehicle can aim
  • Voice Chat enabled by default

Tomorrow will also see the release of a demo allowing players to “try a level in the single player offline mode” and if you love the level so much that you buy the game then there is word of  “all new exciting downloadable content and game modes.”  No word yet on an EU demo but check TheSixthAxis for any further developments and news on the DLC. I remember when a wise man stated future TSAN nights would be made of this. Thankfully, he left.

Source: PS Blog