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Kirby Finally Gets an EU Date

We’ve been eagerly watching Nintendo ever since E3. We were excited for Metroid: Other M and Epic Mickey. Donkey Kong Country Returns has us eagerly charging batteries for our Wiimotes.

What we’ve really been keen to get a look at, however, is Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The adorable, craft-inspired videos they showed off at E3 made us melt a little bit inside. Unfortunately, in spite of being out in the US for quite some time, the game isn’t going to make a 2010 release in Europe.

We just got word from Nintendo that it will be on store shelves on February 25th 2011. Just another few months to wait then.


  1. But Christmas is free theres enough space for this and Donkey Kong so why not!?

    DK for now, Kirby for Christmas simples!

  2. Nintendo keep us Europeans waiting again.

    • from our point of view it’s almost pointless reviewing it too, since it’s been out in the US for ages and all the international sites have posted reviews. We won’t get much interest in ours.
      We probably still will though, because a couple of us are really itching to play it anyway!

  3. I was expecting it about a month later so this is good news. It’s been on pre-order for a while. Be good to finally get my hands on it.

  4. I’m about 5 hours in to the game, and ‘Epic’ really does it justice. Best looking game of 2010 for me.

    • oh yes, you and your fancy imports.
      Well, hmph.

  5. I have it on’s lovely…although way to easy..quite hard to give a score really because of this.

    The wait is absolutely stupid though…what are US going to get which we have to wait for i wonder?

    • It is rather easy, but not insultingly so :o)

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