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New Tomb Raider Screens

There aren’t many surprises in video-gaming these days, but when a new Tomb Raider screen and concept art landed, the seemingly dark atmosphere and the hard-hitting nature of the details that followed piqued everyone’s interest here at TSA Towers.

Game Informer, who got the scoop on the initial Tomb Raider reveal, has now published a further array of images from 2011’s reboot of the series. Sure, there may be a new wise-cracking adventurer in town in the form of Nathan Drake, but few games have managed to equal Tomb Raider’s unique mix of puzzling and combat.

All we need to see now is some gameplay, and of course get our hands on the game to see if those all-important controls have been nailed by developer Crystal Dynamics. Check out the images below, and be sure to follow the source link to see even more.

Source: Game Informer.


  1. Lara’s back and looking fitter than ever!

    Is it ok to have a crush on sprites and pixels when they look that good together?

  2. looks like the devs have definetly been talking to naughty dog.

  3. hoping for a 2011 date even if its December!

    • Too close to uncharted, maybe they will leave it until after x-mas next year and have a new year release?

      • Uncharted will probably be Nov, wouldn’t be surprised if this is Sept or first week of Oct

  4. Hahaha yeah it indeed looks like they visited Naughty Dog. But it does look nice, and maybe somewhat interesting. Looking forward to seeing more, but this is going on my “maybe-if-I-see-more-goodness” list

    • Don’t see it I’m afraid, looks like they’re focusing on what made Tomb Raider great in the early days

      One thing they can learn from Naughty Dog though is combat, I just hope they don’t go overkill on it though & keep it suitably sparse, the last thing I’d want from this is shootouts every 3 foot

  5. Wow, looking pretty good – very dark, very cool =]

  6. Well it certainly looks the business. I liked underworld despite it’s various flaws, but this looks like a much more adult experience, and not in the t*t and a%s way. Just hope they can pull off the controls.

  7. Looking good, I like the more survival horror feel. If she didn’t get any guns throughout the whole game, now that would be interesting!

    • It would indeed, could make for a very interesting game – maybe they might portray this as the adventure in which she learned that she needed to carry a gun in the future, haha.

  8. Nice screens, this is fastly becoming one of my most looked forward to games. Please let it be good.

  9. Really looking forward to this game; just wish it wasn’t using the same engine as Legend, Anniversary and Underworld. Saw the full-res images at Game Informer and parts of it look really outdated already. Still, the game sounds really interested and should hopefully be great.

  10. They should have modelled it on Kate from Lost. I would feel less guilty fancying her

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