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Government Announces UK Tax Breaks For Games Industry

Yay, says dev.

As part of today’s budget, the government has announced tax breaks for the UK video game industry.  And, as if by magic, in pops the much-expected TIGA email.

TIGA’s been campaigning for tax breaks for ages, declaring themselves “the only trade association to have consistently campaigned for tax relief for games development” and are rightfully bouyant just now.

Such breaks would hopefully help employment and investment, and had they come a lot earlier might well have saved UK developers like Bizarre.

“This is a brilliant decision by the Government and terrific news for the UK video games industry,” said TIGA’s Richard Wilson. “Like a boxer knocked down by his opponent, we refused to accept defeat and kept getting back in the ring.”

“This victory will benefit not just the UK games development and digital publishing sector but also the wider UK economy.”

Spokespersons from Jagex, Genki, Blitz and Relentless all chimed in.

  1. bunimomike
    Since: Jul 2009

    Bloody awesome news! A shining beacon of light and hope in the current financial uncertainty.

    Comment posted on 21/03/2012 at 13:11.
  2. KeRaSh
    Since: Nov 2009

    Great news. Maybe we will see some cool new start ups that flood the market with innovative new IPs. :D

    Comment posted on 21/03/2012 at 13:32.
  3. justboy
    Since: Jul 2010

    Thats fantastic, the games industry shouldn’t be ignored due to its infancy.

    Comment posted on 21/03/2012 at 13:38.
  4. Smallville2106
    Since: Feb 2011

    Great news. At least they’re making the odd good choice.

    Comment posted on 21/03/2012 at 14:01.
  5. gazzagb
    Master of speling mitakse
    Since: Feb 2009

    Great news, hopefully this will lead to more Studios opening in the UK.

    Comment posted on 21/03/2012 at 14:20.
  6. blarty
    Since: Apr 2011

    About time too

    Comment posted on 21/03/2012 at 14:49.
  7. Mike
    Since: Oct 2008

    Thank god we have Conservatives in Government ;)

    Comment posted on 21/03/2012 at 14:59.
  8. cam_manutd
    Since: May 2010

    A much needed boost for UK games industry. Hopefully it will stop devs fleecing to Canada and staying put :)

    Comment posted on 21/03/2012 at 15:05.
  9. The Lone Steven
    Never heard of him.
    Since: May 2010

    Whilst this is excellent news, i fear it’s already too late as i think a majority of UK based developers have either been closed down or have relocated to another country. I think we will see a rise of new studios opening up over here and working on some new IPs. :)

    I wonder if Keith Vaz is furious at this? Due to his hatred of gaming.

    Comment posted on 21/03/2012 at 15:59.
  10. Unterred
    Since: Oct 2009

    Absolutely fantastic news. Tax breaks for business like cutting corporation tax 3 years in a row has already reduced unemployment massively, bucked the international economic slowdown by producing massive economic growth for Britain and ensured that everyone has seen increases in pay and living standards. Critics who say that tax breaks such as these have been pocketed by shareholders and not reinvested into company growth and jobs are obviously completely wrong what with economy doing so staggering well. Just look at game. :$

    Comment posted on 21/03/2012 at 16:55.

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