All Of The New GTA V Screens, Some Of The Information

Men. Guns. Some trees. Water. A bike. A city.

I know what you’re thinking: if only Rockstar had released 18 new screens for GTA V today. Well, they did. Along with the video above, released earlier in the week, it seems the latest ‘Auto is finally getting some attention, despite not being out for ages.

The screenshots are lovely, but it’s in the comparative, figurative ocean of information garnered today that most of the good stuff swims. Early impressions are glowing – to say the least – but let’s take a few moments to wade through some handily distilled bulletpoints.

Things can you do in GTA V:

  • Buy houses, garages and businesses (each character has their own bank account too)
  • Get a new haircut
  • Buy some new clothes
  • Get a tattoo
  • Jump straight into multiplayer by pressing ‘down’ on the D-pad.

Your characters are:

  • Made up of nine skill categories, namely: Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, Mechanic, Lung Capacity. Build these up by completing missions and activities.
  • Selectable (and changeable whenever) via an on-screen wheel, with four blocks. The fourth is your multiplayer character.

Fisticuffs and guns:

  • Each of the three characters has a special combat move. Franklin can slow down time in a car. Trevor has a ‘frenzy’ mode where he does twice as much damage for a bit. Michael has Max Payne-esque bullet time.
  • Weapons can be customised with sights, scopes, silencers and other mods.
  • Combat feels like Max Payne, with a combat roll added since GTA IV.

Pimping your ride:

  • Pay n’ Sprays can add new wheels, window customisation and bodykits along with paint jobs.
  • Cars can also be upgraded spec-wise.
  • Boats will include diving gear and SCUBA tanks. There’s a full underwater ecosystem.

Down time:

  • You can do yoga, play golf, tennis or go for a race in-between missions.
  • You can take a bus tour.
  • You can use the in-game phone, dubbed the iFruit, to take photos and upload them online. The phone also has apps, including a web browser, contacts, social media and a calendar.

It’s all sounding pretty good, really. GTA V is sure to mark out this current generation of consoles on something of a high when it releases later in the year, and hopefully we’ll hear about next-gen (or at least PC) versions soon enough.

And now, those screens.

And remember, if GTA V isn’t your thing, try this instead.


  1. Seems to be a lot of people wearing masks holdings guns in those screens. Thought it was COD Ghosts for a bit there.
    Also love the blatantly obvious Bugatti Veyron in #17

    • Certainly seems to have a strong Army of Two meets Kane and Lynch vibe to it!

  2. You forgot to mention that the internet cafes are called [email protected] ! Just had to say that as it was an inclusion on the list of features that a lesser site laid out earlier on.
    Looks like it’s going to be the same old same old, basically GTAIV with some features bolted on from GTA:SA and a few more from RDR and MP3. Surprisingly still looking forward to it though.

    • They were called that in IV too.

      • GTAIII also had one or two dotted about the place.

  3. I really hope there won’t be a next gen version, unless it’s cross save. Because I spend ages finishing a GTA, and if a superior version shows up in the process, then I’m stupid enough to buy it and start all over again.

  4. Best news for me: car engine/suspension/brake mods, customisable guns and mission planning/cork board thingy. Good. God.

  5. Just boarding the hype train for this. Sounds lovely.

  6. I just hope these things make it fun again.

  7. hope that guy lets go of the grenade before he fires!!

  8. Really looking forward to this, I just hope they have sensible (or indeed any) checkpoints in missions – I got really hacked off with GTA IV after driving half way round the map to start a mission then get killed part way through to have to go way back the beginning again and just drive for 5 minutes…

  9. I don’t particularly like the sound of the special combat moves, but the rest of it sounds great.

    • Same here. Also, whilst I’m logged in can you swap the words ‘can you’ around please. It’s bugging me ;)

  10. iFruit media device. lol Genius!

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