The Last Of Us Sold Well In Japan Too

Naughty Dog’s master-class in survival horror has been leading headlines for the past few weeks now, but here’s something you may not have been expecting.

The Last Of Us launched in Japan almost a week after its US/EU release on June 20th, entering at number one on the software sales chart. Toppling Donkey Kong Country, Luigi’s Mansion, and Animal Crossing, the game was a big seller for Sony, having moved 117,465 in its debut week. According to sales tracker Media Create, the game also sold through 88.01% of its initial shipment.


Those are strong numbers, especially when you consider that The Last Of Us is a brand new IP carrying a CERO Z rating. It even came close to beating Uncharted 3’s release week performance with the treasure-hunting blockbuster bagging 124,989 in sales.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Excellent News for ND & SONY :P

  2. Totally disillusioned with this. Wasn’t interested for the longest time, tried the demo and was quite taken with it. Ended up trading games for it and my PS3 wont read the disc and eventually trapped it inside. Took forever to get it out. Think im just going to let this one live in my imagination and trade it away.

  3. funny, i watched a Japanese movie from 1963 this weekend, that featured people turning into mushroom zombies :-)

    • I recon the Japanese mistook it for a Cero Z rated Mario game.

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