The First Shots Have Been Fired In This Year’s Battlefield Vs. CoD War

Archbishop of Banterbury

Every couple of years we have the same situation, the Battlefield game goes head to head with Call of Duty, and this year the Battlefield team have taken no time in firing the first shots. DICE Video & Media Editor, Roland Smedberg, gave his rather direct thoughts on the CoD trailer.


Meanwhile the chap making the Battlefield trailer, which launches on Friday, added:


With Julian Manolov, an engineer at DICE joining the ‘top bants’ with:


Source: PSL



  1. How childish. Let the game do the talking, leave the playground BS to the House of Commons.

  2. Battlefield reveal trailer had better be something special after those comments. PLEASE not future or WW2.

  3. OH MY GOD! THAT IS BRUTAL- ly childish! Grow up, Dice. This is Youtube levels of crap. Focus on your game, make it the best damn thing you produce and maybe, just maybe, people will buy it. Just don’t do a SW:BF. We don’t need another FPS that barely has content.

    And Dice, here’s a quick tip: Graphics mean sod all if the game is crap.

    Oh and please do Battlefield Bad Company. But a true Bad Company 2 not the sequel that had nothing to do with the first one and kinda went a bit modernish on us.

  4. I would expect this from some gamers, not the Devs! It’s a bit unprofessional to be honest.

  5. I actually like this, as it’s now put themselves under pressure to show something looking significantly better.

  6. Were these the same devs bitching about Wii U I wonder. Either way they’d better do something pretty spectacular with Battlefield if they don’t want those tweets being returned in kind.

  7. They teach video editing in primary school? Boy did I miss out.

  8. Remind me how well the BF4 launch went…

    • Very well.

      Anyone who says differently shall be taken care of by DICE’s top men.

  9. Randy Evans is defo getting jumped after school.

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