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Her Story Creator Sam Barlow's Next Interactive Series Is #WarGames

Isn't the best way not to play though?

In 1983 the film WarGames¬†was released and is starred Matthew Broderick as David Lightman where he unwittingly played a war simulation against a supercomputer which almost led to nuclear war with the Soviet Union. The year is now 2017 and the Soviet Union no longer exists but the spectre of nuclear war does, as do many complex computer systems. It’s a ripe time for the retelling of WarGames with a modern spin, and Sam Barlow is doing just that with an interactive WarGames series, similar in style to Her Story.

Sam states that work began on the project while Barack Obama was President of the United States, but feels the message is more relevant now. Jess Nurse will be taking the role of the lead protagonist. #WarGames is expected to release in 2018.

Source: Twitter


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