Minna No Golf 5 Japanese to English Translation

Well, our copy has been delayed for 14 days, thanks to the massive sales over in Japan (they’ve sold half the initial shipment of 300,000 copies) but if you’re lucky enough to have your copy you’ll be wanting a translation.

Thankfully, I’ve translated the after-match score run-down and Jpop100 from the NeoGaf boards has translated the menus. I’ve added it all together in a handy little black and white print-out-and-keep A4 template, which you’ll find on our Hot Shots Golf page or by clicking the thumbnail below:


Translation - Minna No Golf 5 PS3

Enjoy. =/

Update: we’ve added the menu translation for Online mode:

www.ImageBanana.net - onlinetranslationshi5.jpg

All online menu translations courtesy of saif and kpop from the NeoGaf boards, pics courtesy of hoolak from ntsc-uk.com, English text imposed to the images by tyler.

Update 2: I’ve added a FAQ to GameFAQs which should help.

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