Hot Shots Golf Lands On PS3 Next Week

PS Vita launch game Hot Shots Golf (or Everybody’s Golf if you like) has been ported to the PS3 and will be released next week, at least in the US.


The game will be just under $20, and will support four player local play and PlayStation Move controller functionality. There will also be a patch for the Vita version which will then allow you to connect with the PS3 game, sharing all the DLC and also allow cross-platform play in tournaments.

Our review of the Vita version – which was fine apart from some low-res, blurry visuals – is here.

Update: we can confirm the European release is next week too, for £11.99.



  1. I assume it isn’t cross purchase?

    • I suspect not since it says “the Vita version which will then allow you to connect with the PS3 game”, which in my view suggests they are different.

  2. Good game, but i find i can only get so far into these EG games before the difficulty just goes stupidly high.

    • Yeah, I start to struggle after the main menu. It’s certainly not for everybody.

  3. I’ve almost completed the vita version, done all the normal games but now have to go back and achieve some of the special victory conditions. Good game, the ps3 functionality would get me back into it but I’m not paying again.

    • All I have left is scoring an albatross which has proven to be quite difficult…

  4. Think these games are so much better than tiger woods ones. Hope we ge an eu version shortly!

  5. £11.99 is a great price , but , how long until it’s free on Plus?

  6. I really liked Everybody’s Golf on the PS3, so hopefully this will be more of the same…

  7. ‘Sigh’
    I bought Everybody’s Golf for PS3 off the Store last week and was pissed to find that it wasn’t the same one that’s on Vita and as a result never had trophy support. Hearing that the ‘Vita’ version is being released on PS3 soon is a right kick in the nuts. :(

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