Grab the Everybody’s Golf VR demo today, download link inside

Ahead of the release of Everybody’s Golf VR on 22nd May, Sony have hot dropped a demo of the game onto the PlayStation Store for people to get used to golfing in the virtual world and get a taste of what the full game offers.

Here’s the download link you are looking for:


As you’d expect, the biggest change for VR is that you’re actually swinging the controller like a virtual golf club. To help you nail your shots, a Practice Swing mode is included so that you can swing without hitting the ball and see a blue trail of the path it would have taken. Press a button and you switch to Address Mode, which with then hit the ball, imparting the directional and speed data to the ball.

All the demo features is a practice area for you to mess around in, getting used to the controls. That’s understandable when there’s only three courses in the game, as revealed last month.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Will do, thanks for the heads-up!

  2. I played the non VR demo and it was fun so I’ll give it a go.
    Does it work well with a DS4 or do you really need a Move controller?

    • I feel like a Move controller for a golf game is ideal until you do it in VR and realise you can’t see furniture/precious things/loved ones. It’s just asking for trouble, isn’t it?

      • Yeah, that’s what would happen to me as the space in front of my gaming TV is pretty tight with my racing rig taking up most of it.

      • I gave the demo a go last night. It uses the DS4 in a very odd way, like a terrible version of the Move controller.

        So it’s either a bit crap with the DS4, risk breaking things/loved ones with the Move, or possibly play it in the garden (this seems unwise, as you’ll inevitably be attacked by an owl or something)

        It looks reasonably nice though, except you can see where they had to make sacrifices to get it running. It renders more detail in the centre of your field of view, except the blurry edges are possibly a bit big. Distracting if you move your eyes instead of your whole head. (Almost enough to convince me that eye tracking might be a good thing in future)

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