Juiced 2’s Driver DNA Unravelled

We’ve not really looked at Juiced 2 too much here at TSA, but this latest video from the THQ guys, showing off the advanced human-like AI the computer drivers will have, has got us interested. Normally racing games tend to have rather basic, predictable intelligence that grips the racing line and shunts any cars in their paths: THQ are looking to push Juiced 2 above all that:

The Driver DNA system is not simply analyzing your driving line, they say. In tight pack racing with half a dozen cars heading into the corner, the optimum line goes all to hell, with the situation descending into pure risk taking and opportunism. Different drivers will tackle this problem in different ways.

With on-screen representations of how the drivers are coping with the on-track situations (with blue for cool and considered, red for reckless and aggressive) you’ll be able to exploit your opponents and maximise your chances of winning even when the horsepower is against you, which sounds like a great idea and even extends to the pink-slip races.

Your crew also has this Driver DNA, which means that you’ll be able to build up a team of drivers that perform and behave just the way you want them too by taking DNA from your PSN friends, first testing them out in the DNA Driver Lab to see if they’re up for the job.

With the next Need for Speed out this October, we’ll soon see if Juiced 2 has the minerals.