European PSN Stuff – 13th September 2007

Yup, FIFA made it (750MB), despite news earlier today that it wouldn’t. So, that’s there, along with a playable demo of NBA Live 08 (660MB). There’s also some cheeky micropayments that really are a bit overpriced: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Weapon Master (3.99 Euro) and two vehicles for Motorstorm (2.45 Euro). There’s also a demo for the latest Harry Potter game (488MB).

Trailer wise we get one for LocoRoco (remember, the game is due next week) and there’s also the last (fifth) Heavenly Sword chapter, the full game being available tomorrow.

Update: Apparently the FIFA 08 demo is limited to certain regions. It’s up in the UK store, but not in the Irish one, or certain other European countries. Odd…