The Motorstorm Buggy Is Now Available For Driveclub As A Free Download

After a couple of week’s of leaks the first Motorstorm vehicle for Driveclub has appeared on the PlayStation Store and it’s a free download.


Jump behind the wheel of a true MotorStorm® legend – the Wombat Typhoon.

A real fan favourite from the smash racing series, the beloved “MotorStorm® Buggy” is now ready to roll into next-gen action on DRIVECLUB™ tracks across the globe.

Add this iconic buggy to your garage of DRIVECLUB™ vehicles today.

Source: PS Store


  1. That’s a bit suspiciously early in the day for Sony to update the store, isn’t it? And given the date…

  2. It’s more believable than the rubbish email I got from Sony this morning! PS4 gaming meets real world swimming…?! Bahahaha!!

    • Yeah, not a very good attempt at an April fool.

      • It’s frankly pathetic the company went to that much effort. They need to get a life. Perhaps they could work, as companies do. Oh wait, it’s Sony.

      • Sense of humour failure. Why the negativity. Some kid on an internship probably did it.
        Sony has sense of humour shocker.

      • Seriously, sense of humour failure? Where’s the humour? I’m not seeing anything comical about the joke. Maybe it’s because where I come from we have a little thing called wit.

        ‘Some kid on an internship probably did it’ is a bit of a laugh though. Sony go to all the trouble to create the props, organise setting, a photo shoot, and email every damn bloody customer as well post it on the blog. Waste of time, effort and money for a fool’s joke that is pretty shite. There’s getting in with the fun and joking around, and then there’s looking like a complete and utter dick. Sony have scored the latter.

      • Jesus Christ, Avenger. You are one miserable git sometimes. So many companies go to the trouble of having a bit of fun on April 1st. Sure, many of them are chucklesome at best but there’s no need to be so despondent and scornful.

        Sony are having a bit of fun. Nothing more, nothing less. :-\

      • If it’s got us talking about Sony then it’s worked. Like it or not it was a successful April fools. I saw it for the light hearted family fun it was meant to be. They have to be all things for all people.
        Go take your face for a shit.
        Is that more your sort of humour?

      • Wow, it seems the right to opinions has gone out of the window along with keeping a certain respect to other members on the site. Cheers guys. I’ll just go back to the real and slightly more respectful world I live in.

      • You’re most certainly welcome to your opinion no matter how extreme but don’t think for one second that people can’t call you out on it when you come across so curmudgeonly. Hell, TSA has always had an awesome breadth and depth of personality types. Some… quite, quite mad (potentially certifiably so). However, you’re usually informative, amusing, (rightly) cynical, mostly grounded and easy to understand. This, for me, was a moment of … um… well… this.

      • It’s one thing to debate certain points, but the responses above go way beyond that in the realms of judgmental and harsh. I was genuinely surprised to see the responses and their content, and I feel pretty much put off saying anything much more on the site.

        And sure, I was harsh against Sony, but I’d never attack another TSA member’s opinions or insult them outright. My opinion is mine, debate the finer points yes, but don’t ridicule it. Maybe it’s just me, but I take particular insult to the comments ‘go take you face for a shit’ and ‘miserable git’. I’d expect it from a ten year old on YouTube, but not from TSA’s usually very mature members.

      • I won’t speak for GTOWN but you were most definitely coming across like a miserable git. It was genuinely unlike you from the countless comments I’ve read from you in the past.

        However, if I came across (as what I perceive) as miserable, you’d be most welcome to tell me so. We all have good days, bad days and everything in between. Your comment felt completely misplaced and GTOWN obviously thought so as well.

        Sure, Sony aren’t perfect and neither is anyone (or any company) but your usually well-grounded and justifiable opinion appeared to have been replaced by someone who’d had a bad day and was railing against something more than normal. Unnecessarily so.

        As always, just an opinion on much of this so feel free to disagree/throw poo at it/buy me flowers. :-) No long-term ill feeling meant. My only gripe is with the comment. I have a girlfriend for long-term ill feeling. ;-)

      • From my point of view, you’re both kind of right but Avenger, if you criticise things yourself, you can’t go all passive aggressive saying you’ve been disrespected etc… When it is you that’s being criticised. It’s close to hypocrisy. See your comment at 15:43.

      • t’s frankly pathetic the company went to that much effort. They need to get a life.

        Fairly insulting towards Sony. You got called out. As for feeling like you can’t comment anymore, fantastic.

      • For the record I’ve always been hideously immature. It’s my gift. Anyone who has known me for the last 6 or so years on here will confirm that.

      • to be fair being called out is like being attacked. In the end of the day, we should all move on.

    • Lol, I actually thought that was for real. Got me to thinking it’s no wonder they’re losing money with some of the tat they put out!

  3. I take it back. It is there. But…

    It’s not really the buggy. It replaces all your cars with the swans you might have seen in around the Japanese tracks. One of those buggers going at 200mph is probably worth the download.

  4. The webstore seems to be stuck on “Signing In” for me atm but i’ll check again later.

    • Just took the buggy for a spin, and then when it stopped spinning i completed the event. But what was extra special for me was that it’s the first vehicle available to me with KERS – and using KERS instantly reminded me of the nitro/boost in Motorstorm. No explosions though… maybe in a future update ;-)

  5. Testing the vehicles and handling in their PS4 engine for the next motorstorm game?

  6. I would’ve loved to see something like Motorstorm on PS4, like on the PS3 it amazed me but Driveclub (still find it a blast to play!) doesn’t have the same feels.

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