Arstechnica Get Their Hands On The Eye

Some people get all the luck – while we still have to wait another week to get our hands on Eye of Judgment, Arstechnica already have their copy, and have posted some brief impressions up which make for interesting reading.

If you’re not familiar with Eye of Judgment, check our Eye of Judgment page with links to the stories we’ve already covered. In short, it uses the bundled PlayStation Eye to revolutionise the card battle genre by bringing the creatures to life on your screen, interactively.

Even in the moderate lighting conditions of my living room in the afternoon, the camera had no problem picking up the cards. I had fun experimenting in the the card information area: you lay down a card, the creature is summoned and does his attack, and you get background information on factions, the world, and the story of the game. None of this matters if you just want to play the card game, but for fantasy buffs it’s there if you want to dig in. As you can see from the picture, I tried to get the Biolith Battle Chariot and the Triceptaur Behemoth to fight the Ars Sumo, but no luck.

Sadly, it looks like the fantasy monsters won’t be able to detect and breath fire on the family cat, but apart from that it all sounds pretty good.