Forget everything that came before or that’s promised for the future, because the saviour has arrived. It’s got the most realistic graphics and audio that we’ve ever seen or heard, a story line that is original every time you play, and the localisation is so spot-on that you’ll wonder why all games don’t do it this way. The future is here; the future is EyeCreate (EC).

As tech demos go, EC shows off the PlayStation Eye’s abilities perfectly. We tested it with a short video of juggling and it picked up everything including the superb running commentary. We’d post the vid online, but EC creates such massive files that we didn’t think the Internet would cope. You can always compress it once it’s on your PC, so it’s not actually an issue.

EC has two modes; capture and edit. Capture is where you record using the Eye, and Edit is where you mess about with your recordings to create some masterpiece worthy of YouTube.


Capture has three modes: photo, video, and sound. The interface is slick and with a press of X you’ll be recording dodgy home videos for posterity. Hopefully, you’ll then be pressing triangle to delete them, but that’s up to you. The quality of pictures and videos is good, but not great, but a special mention for the microphone is required: it’s awesome. In our test we created a video and tested the microphone by speaking at various distances away from the Eye. Even at nearly 30 feet and 2 rooms away it still picked up a normal-volume talking voice. Very impressive. TSA will be using it for future podcasts as it knocks other microphones for six.

There are various effects that can be added to pictures and videos, the usual stuff like sepia, and black and white, but also some nice video effects that add trails to movement. Good fun, but not exactly a big enhancement to the finished product. What is worth your time are the awesome time-lapse and stop-motion options. These will take you into the realms of Wallace and Gromit and are a very welcome addition to the package.

Edit mode is where you go once you’ve recorded your amateur porn film. You can string together different clips into a storyboard as EC calls it. With a press of a button you can tell EC to then merge the storyboard into one big file. It’s all straightforward and quick, so you’ll be realising you aren’t as good as Tarantino in no time at all.

And that’s it. The best piece of software yet to grace the PS3, it shows off the Eye better than anything else so far, and it’s free. It’s a PSN download so we expect that future updates will enhance and expand the current offering, and that’s the only reason it doesn’t get a ten now, because there’s always room for improvement.