Emotion Engine Finally Comes Of Age

Ha ha ha, says the ugly man in his chair, pointing like a buffoon at the television. True, that’s the same as most of us Big Brother fans, but this time it’s all about Sony, and no, we’re not laughing at them, we’re laughing with them because it appears the Japanese electronics giant want to capture your emotions, and then make you watch some kind of bizarre, sick Brüno-esque sexual pleasure device via your PlayStation 3.


The patent application appears to also cover body gestures (good luck with that one) as well as plenty of other facial expressions, such as anger and sadness which will be useful when your PS3 decides it needs to do a 20 minute install.  Still, as long as this isn’t preventing Sony’s first parties working on real games I don’t really mind, but yeah, I don’t think I’m really that keen on my consoles knowing how I feel about them.  Not that way, anyway.

Thanks, mads2194 and CaptainMurdo, via SiliconEra.