Dual Shock 3 First Impressions

It’s worth mentioning that the ceramic white Dual Shock 3, which we’ve just taken receipt of, is absolutely beautiful. The stark contrast of the dark buttons and sticks play perfectly against the coated white plastic and although the blue ‘Dual Shock 3’ writing on the front looks a bit odd, the bright white suits the controller perfectly. It feels better, too – the new controller is weightier (and the centre of balance is now towards the grips rather than the USB port so it sits better in your hands) and just feels far sturdier. The triggers are lighter too, and the L3 and R3 trigger buttons are far easier to depress, so sprinting in Call of Duty 4 will be much easier to perform. Obviously the thing also now rumbles, so we’ll go through all the games that support the vibration features and report back later on, but it’s worth mentioning that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue feels infinitely better – we can only assume Motorstorm, Resistance and Ratchet and Clank will be similarly boosted.