Win A Copy Of NFS Pro Street

needforspeedcompWe’re pretty damned lovely here at TSA. We look after you, bringing you all the latest PlayStation 3 news, reviews and the odd interview when we’re not too tipsy to talk to important people that make the games you love. We’d make you tea in the morning if we could, you know.

But this is going above and beyond, this is the heart of generosity, this is better than beer: we’re giving away a boxed, sealed copy of EA’s latest racing title Need for Speed: Pro Street for the PS3. And yeah, we’ll pay the postage. We’ll even take it to the post office, seal it with a loving kiss and throw in a packet of Jelly Tots for good measure. All you have to do is register for the site (which takes about 5 seconds) and drop a comment on this post with the answer to this simple question: If you were a racer in Pro Street, what would your name be?

Competition closes Thursday at 8pm GMT. Please check the first (bottom) comment for competition terms and conditions before entering. Anyone that’s ever shot me in Warhawk had better make their entry real funny…