Most Wanted: Need For Speed

It’s been a while since Need For Speed ProStreet, which we loved but others didn’t, presumably put off by it’s more sim-like physics and lack of the ‘underground’ vibe that made recent NFS games so popular.

However, we reckon EA are about to announce this year’s title pretty soon, and we’ve got a hunch they’re going back to the roots of the best in the series. Expect a sandbox style open-world, much like there was in Most Wanted (our favourite) – with police playing a major role again. We also envisage highway battles, and we reckon the game will be based in Japan, playing up to the tuner ‘lifestyle’ absent since Underground 2; Carbon doesn’t count.

So, we’re going to go with a fully fledged ‘rags-to-riches’ storyline, and we wouldn’t be suprised to find the player in Japan without friends or a decent car, working his way up through the racing scene in the land of the Rising Sun. The physics will be back to those seen in Most Wanted, drift happy but plenty of fun, and as we said: the police will be there to get in the way.

Hopefully there’ll be a huge open world to explore with lots to uncover (the hidden garages in Underground 2 were a great idea), a return to the custom bodykit parts (dropping AutoSculpt) and a big emphasis on livery creation, a la Forza. With GRID being a huge pleasure to play and Midnight Club looking spectacular, EA might have their work cut out regaining the ground they singularly held until last year.