5 Days of SingStar: Part One

On the first day of Singstar my true love gave to me: A retrospective. This Friday marks the turning point for PS3. Don’t believe us? In one city in the UK alone six million copies of SingStar are sold EVERY DAY. True Fact. Kinda.

Either way, it’s a hugely popular franchise and marks Sony’s PS3 entrance into the casual market, alongside last week’s Guitar Hero III. It’s the plastic attachments, you see – they mean that people that are normally allergic to Dual Shocks can pick up the familiar device and start singing without special training and multi-dexterity.

Since the original PS2 game in May 2004 there have been 23 SingStar games across Europe, including Bollywood versions and last month’s wonderfully named Apres Ski party, sadly confined to Germany. If you’ve been living under a bald spare marine shaped rock for the last 3 and a half years you’ve missed out on the best party game since naked Twister.

Essentially a karaoke game, the bundled USB microphones are an interface for you and your pissed friends to attempt to sing along with the track on-screen. The games measure your pitch and the higher the difficulty the smaller the margin. Cleverly, buying more SingStar games mean that you can just switch out the disk for another, and immediately start singing along to the tracks on that disk too, and each title comes with 30 fully licensed songs.

The games are wicked fun, and with only 5 days until the launch of the PS3 version on Friday we’ll be examining just what makes the next-gen version so exciting each day this week… Except today, because today’s an introduction. You see?