5 Days of SingStar: Part Four

On the fourth day of SingStar, I couldn’t think of anything to go with ‘4 Calling Birds’. It’s a bleak Thursday morning, the office is full of people coughing and sniffing and I’m sat here with 2 day-glo microphones in my hand rehearsing the words for Toxic in my head. Imagine the bedlam if I were to blurt out a few words by accident. You can’t, I’m being rhetorical, but SingStar has that effect – the 30 glorious poppy songs included on the disk are pretty much 50% guilty pleasures and 50% pure brilliance: either way there’s always something to sing.

Perhaps five days was too ambitious, we’ve already talked about past games in the series, the online features and the song list and to give anything away about the amazing customisable interface, the slick integrated online friends list or the complete lack of load times would spoil the review, which we’ve got to save until tomorrow. We will mention a couple of cool things that you might not have picked up on yet: you can freely preview songs in the SingStore before paying for them, and you can use either the EyeToy or the PlayStation Eye to record your videos, so with the ability to also use the PS2 mics all you really need is a PS3…

We’ve said enough, anyway, SingStar PS3 is awesome, and it’s out tomorrow.