In-Game PS3 XMB Coming In 2008

According to Sony rep Paul Purdy has confirmed that the company intends to roll out full in-game XMB access at some point in 2008.

Despite some games already offering access to the friends list (including SingStar) and custom music, it’s game-specific and developers have to build in the functionality themselves – hopefully a future firmware update will make XMB access as simple as a tap of the PS button.

Speaking of SingStar, which fool reported our Scissor Sisters dancing to SCEE, as we awoke this weekend to find moderator messages saying it had been ‘censored’, which effectively meant it had been removed. Sony, you have better things to do – like ADDING NEW SONGS FFS. It’s no coincidence that the two top rated videos on SingStar are just bits of paper complaining that there’s no new music…